Legal challenges and the court process are difficult and intimidating, so let us help ease the stress with our experience and expertise.

Marilyn Zimmerman
Legal Document Preparer

(480) 454-7000

2121 S. Priest Drive, #110
Tempe, Arizona 85282

I continue to work with attorneys both in their offices and as a virtual paralegal in the areas of family law, criminal law, probate, and estate planning. I am available to work on a freelance basis with special projects, trial preparation, or any other assistance that might be needed. Please call to discuss your needs. A resume and references are available upon request.

I am a legal document preparer certified with the Arizona Supreme Court and serve clients throughout Maricopa County in the following fields:

Family Law
Estate Planning
· Uncontested Divorce
· Wills and Powers of Attorney
· Legal Separation
· Health Care Directives
· Spousal Support
· Child Support
· Guardianships
· Child Custody
· Conservatorships
· Parenting Time
· Informal Probate Estates

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I have worked in the legal industry for over 35 years working closely with attorneys and clients in the areas of family law, probate, estate planning, and criminal law. In 2003, I found a need for those who couldn’t afford an attorney or who didn’t feel like they needed one but wanted some assistance and guidance, so became a certified legal document preparer through the Arizona Supreme Court. In 2012, I received training in mediation with an emphasis in family law from the University of New Mexico School of Law. This training has been very beneficial in helping my clients come to more amicable and satisfactory settlements.

I understand how difficult legal challenges are and how intimidating the legal process can be for those not familiar with the court system. I am here to help. I can't make the legal challenges go away, but I can make it easier to get through the legal process.

What is the difference between a legal document preparer and a paralegal?

The Arizona Code of Judicial Administration, Section 7-208, defines a legal document preparer as an individual certified "to prepare or provide legal documents, without the supervision of an attorney, for an entity or a member of the public who is engaging in self representation in any legal matter …"

A legal document preparer (AZCLDP) is certified by the Arizona Supreme Court to provide services to the public without the supervision of an attorney.

A paralegal is defined by the State Bar of Arizona as a person with legal knowledge, training and experience, who works under the supervision of an attorney.


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